Our Vision


At Meridian Brick, we believe every project starts with beautiful, quality products you can trust.

For hundreds of years, we’ve equipped people with the building blocks to bring communities to life. We’ve helped create stunning spaces where homeowners, business owners and their customers could be inspired and protected at the same time.

Whether you’re an architect, builder, designer, homeowner or tradesperson, we’re ready to help bring YOUR vision to life.

Our Mission

Create a safe, sustainable working environment for our employees, deliver world class service and innovative solutions to our customers through a diverse building products offering, and drive profitable returns to our shareholders.

To Our Customers

Using the largest network of both plants and distribution in North America, we will respond with the ideal solution to projects leveraging our wide selection, efficiencies in location shipping and detailed market insight. We believe the most expansive resources are only as beneficial as your ability to use them well.

To Our Industry

As the largest network of plants in North America, we have a responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of not only our organization, but the industry itself. We actively seek ways to create more informed homeowners, control product creation to more closely match demand, and promote increased value on the perception of brick.

Our Culture

Meridian Brick’s culture celebrates a rich legacy of brick making expertise combined with a spirit of continuous improvement and innovation.


Safety is truly at the heart of everything we do. Whether at our plants and distribution centers or on your jobsite, our commitment to achieving Zero Harm grounds every Meridian employee in the belief we can operate safely TODAY.


Our definition of quality goes far beyond only material characteristics. We believe all things which impact customer experience are aspects of quality; products, service, logistics, and back office support.  Continuing the journey to world class quality is critical to the success of Meridian and our partners.


Reliable, consistent and proactive are just a few of the attributes we believe makes Meridian’s service industry leading. From the knowledge of our extraordinary brickmakers, to teams dedicated to supplying your projects with a full assortment of building supplies, we are committed to finding new ways to service your business as we strive to be your partner of choice.

About Meridian



For over a century, the foundation of our business was brick. As the largest brick manufacturer in North America, with 20 plants throughout the United States and Canada, we have perfected the brick making process by utilizing locally sourced materials and are able to quickly respond to regional trends and market needs.

Because we understand our customers are looking for a building material partner, and not just a brick manufacturer, our 30 Meridian Brick and Masonry Supply locations are open to the public, and ready to partner with you on all your brick, thin brick, stone, stucco and EIFS, and installation systems needs.

Meridian Brick and Masonry Supply partners with vendors who are fully committed to quality. Our vendors are top performers in their respective categories, lending their expertise to help you create YOUR vision.


The Meridian Story

When Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick came together to form Meridian Brick in 2016, we became SO MUCH MORE THAN BRICK.

As a comprehensive building material resource, we bring you more:

Proven expertise, innovative options, unparalleled selection, superior quality, continent-wide distribution in the United States and Canada, capacity and commitment to deliver products.

The merging of these service-oriented companies brought with it not only more brick offerings through the formation of a greater, more responsive plant network

but also a distribution network of 30 sales centers providing Brick, Thin Brick, Stone, Stucco + EIFS, and installation systems to our valued customers.

What does this mean for you? When you specify Meridian products, you have access to the widest product offering available to align with YOUR style, price point and region. But our greatest asset is our team.  We’re ready to help you bring YOUR vision to life.


We foster an environment rooted in respect, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

We listen intently to our team – the best and brightest in the industry – in order to continually improve both product quality and the customer experience.

We are committed to the safety and well-being of our employees as demonstrated by our high safety standards and extensive training throughout our organization.

“Meridian customers benefit from the longevity of our people. Incredible craftspeople have continued to learn, create and innovate to meet consumers’ changing need for more than 100 years. We recently celebrated and honored several employees who have been with the company for more than 60 years!”

Chris Fenwick | CEO


20 Manufacturing Plants and 30 Distribution Locations across North America