Diverse selections are


Stone is a beautiful, durable, and sustainable building material adding value and warmth to every structure it adorns. For centuries, it has symbolized strength, power, and longevity.

Today there are more color, design, and texture options than ever before.

Meridian Brick has partnered with premier stone brands to offer you unparalleled innovation and quality.


With endless options, colors, and textures find the picture-perfect stone for your project using stone veneer. Offered in a variety of shapes and styles, manufactured stone can compete any look whether you desire old world craftsmen or modern and contemporary.

From interior to exterior applications, fireplace surrounds to barbecue facades, your possibilities are endless when using stone.

For over 70 years, Shouldice Designer Stone has been 100% Canadian and family owned ensuring quality and consistency of their products.

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With a rich legacy engineering stone veneer products, Cultured Stone delivers building materials for those seeking precision, quality and dependability.

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